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I am just like you, someone who love showing off their Labors of Love, Works of Art, Prides of Joy aka Toys!  We want people to see what we see when we look at them.  We will take hours to get them looking just right for that weekend trip, Sunday afternoon drive, club gatherings or shows and even the night on the town.  So here at Moonshine LED’s We Put The Light Back in to Your Night so Nothing is Missed.

Here at Moonshine LED’s we also believe in Safety.  The better people can see you the safer you are and Moonshine LED’s are perfect for that.  They are Ultra Bright, Compact, Light Weight and easily installed.  They are Beautiful to look at standing still or in motion.  People will you see coming way before you get there.

I fell in love with LED’s when I got my first motorcycle, my wife made me get a kit from a friend of her who sold and installed them.  They made her feel safer when I road my bike because people could see me better.  So when I traded my bike in for a newer model, buying LED’s for my bike was the first thing I did.  There were so many to choose from,  I started to research brands, types, functions.  I contacted several manufacture’s and told them exactly what I was looking for.  After several samples and  much communication back and forth to each manufacturer I chose the best and brightest LED’s possible and that’s when Moonshine LED’s was born.  I only sell the best products, because if i won’t but them on my bike would never let you put them on yours.


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Robert Reynolds

Robert Reynolds CEO/Founder

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